Weekly forecast for Nov 17th – 23, 2013

Hey peeps!

Last week’s forecast was about eating healthier to not only feel better physically but emotionally as well. I can say that this definitely resonated with me, especially for last week. I purchased a magazine called SELF and read an article about a 7 day detox plan ( the magazine was an October issue but Shakira was on the front cover and I’m a HUGE fan!) I went on to buy all the necessary food for the week and I can assure you that IT WORKS! I was a bit surprise though because detox diets makes me think of starvation and I’m not the type to deprive myself but ever since I followed this 7 day plan, my cravings for bad foods literally diminished..well I did eat a piece of chocolate the other day LOL but overall I felt GREAT! I’m really glad that I did this as I feel so much better in general. Lets see what this week has in stored for us:


Tree + Heart + Woman + Man + Flowers

– Bats In The Belfry

Oh interesting! The woman came up again as the overall theme so this week is for the ladies again! LOL! I get the feeling that many of us have been guarded and distant with those around us. Maybe many of us have been afraid to love. Well this week is about letting go, being more open minded and opening our hearts to those around us in order to find “true” happiness and peace ( tree/flowers+heart).  Since the man card came up right next to the woman, this might be related to the males in our lives (son, father, boyfriend, husband, etc). Overall, it seems many of us need to heal our relationship with them in order to feel better spiritually and have a renewed sense of freedom (tree and bats in the belfry card). Alternatively, it might be that many of us, especially women, need to get in touch with our masculine side.

Have a great week! 😀


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