Weekly Forecast for Nov 3 – 9, 2013



Note: click on the image to get a closer view 🙂

As I’m typing this, I have a big batch of candy that I took from my brother’s trick or treat bag that I have been snacking on for days now and I’m starting to feel a little sick ha! But I dont regret it. I LOVE candy despite the fact that I don’t eat it often so once in a while doesn’t hurt. Some people can be really strange though. In my brother’s halloween bag, I also found what appears to be a lip balm from “Aubrey Organics” (some beauty company that produces organic products). I’ve heard of people giving away apples, coins and mini toys but organic lip balm? I can’t wrap my head around that and cant imagine my brother ever using it either LOL!  🙂 So Lets see what the cards have to say for us about the week: As always I asked the cards what everyone reading this blog post need to know.

weekly nov 3 weekweekly nov 3rd

– Key + Heart + Bear + Sun + Crossroads

– Little Owlyn: ” Wisdom as light as a feather”

Aaah! This week’s theme is about finances as shown in the bear card. I’m quite relieved not to see any negative cards surrounding the bear though. Here we see the sun, giving us success and happiness in terms of finances  and crossroads pointing to options and different ways of obtaining money. I think alot of us will soon get extra income, either from a hobby or a part time job but most importantly it seems that it will be an enjoyable way of earning money. The key and heart point to having passion and motivation in what we do.  I always do a “card of the day” on facebook and I remember yesterday’s card was “Creative projects” from the Daily guidance from your angels deck by Doreen Virtue. This card is about letting out the inner artist in you and even following an artistic or creative career. I feel this week’s cards are encouraging people to find ways of earning money through things you already enjoy doing. (painting, dancing, writing, cooking) but while the money earned may not be HUGE, (little owlyn) it will still be a fun way of getting extra income!

Overall seems like a very positive week! 😀




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