Lenormand Card Meanings

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great Halloween! For the past few days I had several people email me wanting me to teach them how to read with the Lenormand and what meanings I used. I don’t consider myself an expert ( I’m far from it) so all I can offer is some resources that I learned from and some of the basic keywords for each card that has worked for me quite well! The keywords I use are not “the rules” so always feel free to explore other meanings and be flexible. I remember there was a time when I was very limiting and was told that the lenormand can’t be read intuitively. This severely hurt my readings and I became frustrated quickly until one day I got fed up and just explored my options so my best advice is to always follow your intuition (I know its such a common advice but its the truth hehe). Even if others tell you that “you’re reading it wrong”.  So without further do, here are some of the keywords I use in my readings:

1.  RIDER: New people or situations, News, Return, A new Chapter, Action

2. CLOVER: Opportunities, Stroke of luck, Pleasant surprise, Second chance, Risk

3. SHIP: Travel, Foreign location and people, Adventure, Exploration, Separation

4. HOUSE: Family, Home, Comfort zone, Stability, Small businesses or buildings

5. TREE: Health, Life, Growth or development, Spirituality, Deep rooted situations

6. CLOUDS: Confusion, Changeable, Temporary, Multiples, Deception

7. SNAKE: Difficulties, Betrayal, Rival, Lies, Detour

8. COFFIN: Endings, Negativity, A lack of something, Cancellation, If a yes/no question then most likely the answer is NO.

9. FLOWERS/BOUQUET: Happy times, Granted wishes, Recovery, Gifts, Beauty

10. SCYTHE: A definite decision, Shock, Cutting something off, Separation, Harvest, Surgery

11. WHIP: Sexual, Physical activity, Conflicts, Anger, Fast paced

12. BIRDS: Verbal communication, Companionship, Negotiation, Twins/siblings, Small groups, Conversations

13. CHILD: Young person, Small, Something new, Early stages, Childhood, Student

14. FOX: Work, Employment, Deception, Caution, Observe, Manipulation

15. BEAR: Finances, Nutrition/weight/diet, Power, Protection, Control

16. STARS: Technology, Guidance, Goals/plans, Hope, Reputation

17. STORK: Progress, Improvement, Additions to the family, Relocating, Positive changes

18. DOG: Friend, Someone familiar, Loyalty, Trust, Honesty, Companion/Partner

19. TOWER: Official, Restrictions, Govermental institutions, Legal matters, Guards/Protects, Education, Authority, Big and Grand

20. GARDEN: General public, Groups, Social Activities, Networking, Your social circle, Large number of people

21. MOUNTAIN: Obstacles, Delays, Inactivity, Standstill, Enemy, Indifference

22. CROSSROADS: Options, Alternatives, Free Will, Hesitation,  Indecisive, Multiples

23. MICE: Stress, Damages, Theft, Loss, Fear, Destruction/Deterioration

24. HEART: Love, Generosity, Desire, Giving/Sharing, Emotional connection

25. RING: Contracts, Commitment, Promise/oath, Obligation, Proposal/offer, Union, Solution

26. BOOK: Secrets, Information, Unknown/hidden, Surprise, Investigation

27. LETTER: Written communication, Mail, Documents, News, Message, Awards/diplomas, Internet

28. MAN: A male person (father, boyfriend, friend husband, etc), could represent yourself if you are male

29. WOMAN: A female person (mother, wife, girlfriend, friend etc), could represent yourself if you are female

30. LILY: Maturity, Peace, Elders, Contentment, Slow motion, Experience, Healing/Therapeutic

31. SUN: Success, Energy, Victory, Illumination, Happiness, Heat

32. MOON: Romance, The arts, Recognition, Fantasy, Entertainment, Erotic, Emotions/feelings, Intuition, Psychic abilities

33. THE KEY: Solution, Significant events, Breakthrough, Aha! moments, A “yes” for yes/no questions

34. FISH: Independence, Freelance activities, Business activities, Self employment, Freedom/Flexibility, Exploration

35. ANCHOR: Stability, Stuck, Perseverance, Reliable, Overcoming difficulties, Heritage/legacy

36. CROSS: Pain, Religion, Distress, Sacrifice, Faith, Letting be/go, Sadness/despair


I tried to make it as beginner friendly as possible and I hope this helps anyone in their  learning journey. Believe me, once you get the hang of  reading with the Lenormand you will become addicted to it! :-D. I also highly recommend this blog: http://lenormanddictionary.blogspot.com/p/helens-lenormand-dictionary.html

I’m a keyword type of girl so Helen’s lenormand dictionary saved my life!


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