Weekly Forecast For Oct 20 – Oct 26, 2013




Hey everyone! Originally, I was planning on posting my daily readings on my blog but then I remember doing this a while back on a journal and could barely keep up.  The main reason being that on most days, my life really isn’t that interesting! LOL! so I’ve decided on posting a weekly forecast using my Lenormand cards and one card from an oracle deck for everyone reading this blog. I never really done anything like this before. As I said, I’ve done this only on myself but my life isn’t all that exciting ha! It would be interesting to see how one reading can effect a number of people. Feel free to comment if anything resonates. I consider this a learning experience for me. 🙂

I asked the cards ” What does everyone reading this blog need to know for the week of Oct 20 -Oct 26?”

– Tower + Mountain + House + Clover + Tree

– Quetzalcoatl and The Priestess of Time

When I saw the House card smacked in the middle I instantly thought about family. I usually read the middle card as the “theme” or “highlight” of the week and it seems many people will be dealing  with their loved ones.  The Tower + Mountain combo coming up in the past/present makes me think that there has been a lack of communication, distance and some of you might have been guarded around   the people you live with or relatives. Perhaps many of you had arguments with a family member or roommate and now you’re not speaking to each other or hold a grudge against them. The good news is that this week an  opportunity (clover) to restore the relationship back to the way it was is very likely. The tree talks about recovery, being open minded and having a good balance overall so if anyone is having any family issues lately, this week will be a great time to talk things out because healing is very possible!  Just in time for the holidays! 🙂

This week’s oracle message comes from the Oracle of the Shapshifters “Quetzalcoatl and The Priestess Of Time” and it reads ” The time has come. The time to act is now”  This card is about avoiding procrastination and being receptive to change.  I also feel the message is to let go of stubbornness.  Since this week’s theme is about problems within the family, the advice from this oracle card is to take charge and be the first person to open the doors to communication. Dont wait for the other person to do it! Believe me, it sucks! God knows how many times I waited for the other person to “forgive” or speak up and the wait just made me feel worse. The faster you get things out in the open, the faster the relationship will heal. 🙂

I hope my rambling made sense LOL! Have a great week guys!

Note: You can click on the image to enlarge it.


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