Weekly forecast for Nov 17th – 23, 2013

Hey peeps!

Last week’s forecast was about eating healthier to not only feel better physically but emotionally as well. I can say that this definitely resonated with me, especially for last week. I purchased a magazine called SELF and read an article about a 7 day detox plan ( the magazine was an October issue but Shakira was on the front cover and I’m a HUGE fan!) I went on to buy all the necessary food for the week and I can assure you that IT WORKS! I was a bit surprise though because detox diets makes me think of starvation and I’m not the type to deprive myself but ever since I followed this 7 day plan, my cravings for bad foods literally diminished..well I did eat a piece of chocolate the other day LOL but overall I felt GREAT! I’m really glad that I did this as I feel so much better in general. Lets see what this week has in stored for us:


Tree + Heart + Woman + Man + Flowers

– Bats In The Belfry

Oh interesting! The woman came up again as the overall theme so this week is for the ladies again! LOL! I get the feeling that many of us have been guarded and distant with those around us. Maybe many of us have been afraid to love. Well this week is about letting go, being more open minded and opening our hearts to those around us in order to find “true” happiness and peace ( tree/flowers+heart).  Since the man card came up right next to the woman, this might be related to the males in our lives (son, father, boyfriend, husband, etc). Overall, it seems many of us need to heal our relationship with them in order to feel better spiritually and have a renewed sense of freedom (tree and bats in the belfry card). Alternatively, it might be that many of us, especially women, need to get in touch with our masculine side.

Have a great week! 😀

Weekly forecast for Nov 10 – 16th, 2013


I hope everyone is doing great! Last week’s reading showed hobbies being turned into business ventures  and being confident with creative projects. so let’s see what this week has in stored for us. As always, I’ll be using the lenormand and the Oracle Of the Shapeshifters.

Bear + Tree + Woman + Moon + Anchor

Deep Dark Sea Mermaid

This week’s theme is about women. LOL so ladies, this week’s reading will be about you! (sorry gentlemen!) The deep dark sea mermaid tells me that many of us has had emotional instability, anxiety or perhaps even depression lately in our lives and can’t quite pinpoint the cause. The woman/moon combo makes me think that its related to the hormones being unbalanced in some way. Oddly enough the cards are pointing to some of that instability is the result of our diet. The bear points to nutrition, while the tree talks about our health. I feel the cards are advising to take a good look at your eating habits. Are you eating too much processed food?, too much salt? Sugar? This week reading encourages you to eliminate bad food and incorporate a more “clean” diet as this will stabilize your emotions (as shown in the anchor) and you’d be surprised how much better and happier you’ll feel! It’s interesting how our diet not only affects our physical bodies but also our emotions and spirit.

Have a safe week and feel free to comment!

Weekly Forecast for Nov 3 – 9, 2013



Note: click on the image to get a closer view 🙂

As I’m typing this, I have a big batch of candy that I took from my brother’s trick or treat bag that I have been snacking on for days now and I’m starting to feel a little sick ha! But I dont regret it. I LOVE candy despite the fact that I don’t eat it often so once in a while doesn’t hurt. Some people can be really strange though. In my brother’s halloween bag, I also found what appears to be a lip balm from “Aubrey Organics” (some beauty company that produces organic products). I’ve heard of people giving away apples, coins and mini toys but organic lip balm? I can’t wrap my head around that and cant imagine my brother ever using it either LOL!  🙂 So Lets see what the cards have to say for us about the week: As always I asked the cards what everyone reading this blog post need to know.

weekly nov 3 weekweekly nov 3rd

– Key + Heart + Bear + Sun + Crossroads

– Little Owlyn: ” Wisdom as light as a feather”

Aaah! This week’s theme is about finances as shown in the bear card. I’m quite relieved not to see any negative cards surrounding the bear though. Here we see the sun, giving us success and happiness in terms of finances  and crossroads pointing to options and different ways of obtaining money. I think alot of us will soon get extra income, either from a hobby or a part time job but most importantly it seems that it will be an enjoyable way of earning money. The key and heart point to having passion and motivation in what we do.  I always do a “card of the day” on facebook and I remember yesterday’s card was “Creative projects” from the Daily guidance from your angels deck by Doreen Virtue. This card is about letting out the inner artist in you and even following an artistic or creative career. I feel this week’s cards are encouraging people to find ways of earning money through things you already enjoy doing. (painting, dancing, writing, cooking) but while the money earned may not be HUGE, (little owlyn) it will still be a fun way of getting extra income!

Overall seems like a very positive week! 😀



Lenormand Card Meanings

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great Halloween! For the past few days I had several people email me wanting me to teach them how to read with the Lenormand and what meanings I used. I don’t consider myself an expert ( I’m far from it) so all I can offer is some resources that I learned from and some of the basic keywords for each card that has worked for me quite well! The keywords I use are not “the rules” so always feel free to explore other meanings and be flexible. I remember there was a time when I was very limiting and was told that the lenormand can’t be read intuitively. This severely hurt my readings and I became frustrated quickly until one day I got fed up and just explored my options so my best advice is to always follow your intuition (I know its such a common advice but its the truth hehe). Even if others tell you that “you’re reading it wrong”.  So without further do, here are some of the keywords I use in my readings:

1.  RIDER: New people or situations, News, Return, A new Chapter, Action

2. CLOVER: Opportunities, Stroke of luck, Pleasant surprise, Second chance, Risk

3. SHIP: Travel, Foreign location and people, Adventure, Exploration, Separation

4. HOUSE: Family, Home, Comfort zone, Stability, Small businesses or buildings

5. TREE: Health, Life, Growth or development, Spirituality, Deep rooted situations

6. CLOUDS: Confusion, Changeable, Temporary, Multiples, Deception

7. SNAKE: Difficulties, Betrayal, Rival, Lies, Detour

8. COFFIN: Endings, Negativity, A lack of something, Cancellation, If a yes/no question then most likely the answer is NO.

9. FLOWERS/BOUQUET: Happy times, Granted wishes, Recovery, Gifts, Beauty

10. SCYTHE: A definite decision, Shock, Cutting something off, Separation, Harvest, Surgery

11. WHIP: Sexual, Physical activity, Conflicts, Anger, Fast paced

12. BIRDS: Verbal communication, Companionship, Negotiation, Twins/siblings, Small groups, Conversations

13. CHILD: Young person, Small, Something new, Early stages, Childhood, Student

14. FOX: Work, Employment, Deception, Caution, Observe, Manipulation

15. BEAR: Finances, Nutrition/weight/diet, Power, Protection, Control

16. STARS: Technology, Guidance, Goals/plans, Hope, Reputation

17. STORK: Progress, Improvement, Additions to the family, Relocating, Positive changes

18. DOG: Friend, Someone familiar, Loyalty, Trust, Honesty, Companion/Partner

19. TOWER: Official, Restrictions, Govermental institutions, Legal matters, Guards/Protects, Education, Authority, Big and Grand

20. GARDEN: General public, Groups, Social Activities, Networking, Your social circle, Large number of people

21. MOUNTAIN: Obstacles, Delays, Inactivity, Standstill, Enemy, Indifference

22. CROSSROADS: Options, Alternatives, Free Will, Hesitation,  Indecisive, Multiples

23. MICE: Stress, Damages, Theft, Loss, Fear, Destruction/Deterioration

24. HEART: Love, Generosity, Desire, Giving/Sharing, Emotional connection

25. RING: Contracts, Commitment, Promise/oath, Obligation, Proposal/offer, Union, Solution

26. BOOK: Secrets, Information, Unknown/hidden, Surprise, Investigation

27. LETTER: Written communication, Mail, Documents, News, Message, Awards/diplomas, Internet

28. MAN: A male person (father, boyfriend, friend husband, etc), could represent yourself if you are male

29. WOMAN: A female person (mother, wife, girlfriend, friend etc), could represent yourself if you are female

30. LILY: Maturity, Peace, Elders, Contentment, Slow motion, Experience, Healing/Therapeutic

31. SUN: Success, Energy, Victory, Illumination, Happiness, Heat

32. MOON: Romance, The arts, Recognition, Fantasy, Entertainment, Erotic, Emotions/feelings, Intuition, Psychic abilities

33. THE KEY: Solution, Significant events, Breakthrough, Aha! moments, A “yes” for yes/no questions

34. FISH: Independence, Freelance activities, Business activities, Self employment, Freedom/Flexibility, Exploration

35. ANCHOR: Stability, Stuck, Perseverance, Reliable, Overcoming difficulties, Heritage/legacy

36. CROSS: Pain, Religion, Distress, Sacrifice, Faith, Letting be/go, Sadness/despair


I tried to make it as beginner friendly as possible and I hope this helps anyone in their  learning journey. Believe me, once you get the hang of  reading with the Lenormand you will become addicted to it! :-D. I also highly recommend this blog: http://lenormanddictionary.blogspot.com/p/helens-lenormand-dictionary.html

I’m a keyword type of girl so Helen’s lenormand dictionary saved my life!

Weekly Forecast For Oct 27 – Nov 2nd, 2013

Wow! we are almost approaching November already! Thanksgiving is almost near! YAY! I love the holidays..well mostly for the gifts and food hehe. *devilish grin* but seriously, nothing beats having a great time with family and friends. Its usually a time when most people puts aside their anger, grudges or hate and just have a blast! Last week’s forecast was about family and trying to find peace with them or anyone you consider a loved one. Lets see what this week has for us:

-Book + Anchor + Dog + Whip + Cross

-Sacred Beetle Armour

Interesting! So this week’s theme is similiar to last week. The dog card points to friendships, partnerships, or someone we know and trust. I feel that we will be dealing with someone in particular. Someone who has been in our lives for quite some time (Anchor) so it could be a a long term relationship, a best friend, relative or a boyfriend/girlfriend. The book points to secrets and the unknown and with the anchor card, it seems that someone important in our lives has been withholding something for a long time and we are not aware of this. ( Dont worry people! I didnt get anything on cheating or some scandal so sit back down! lol) The whip usually means arguments and anger but I get the impression of someone confessing whatever they been withholding in a dramatic matter and with the Cross, it seems to be related to something that causes them pain or sadness. The oracle card “Sacred Beetle Armour” confirms pretty much everything I said as some of the meanings for this card points to being guarded and protecting yourself from pain.

So I guess this week won’t be all happy-go-lucky but the best we can do is be supportive and show empathy to anyone that decides to share their  “secret” pain to us as its probably not going to be an easy thing for them to do especially since the anchor card shows its been withheld for so long.

Have a safe Halloween guys! IMG_0085

This darn headache that won’t go away!

Hey everyone! 😀

For the past few days, I have had this crazy headache that won’t go away no matter what I do! I took two painkillers and the pain persisted, I added more hours to my sleep and nada. I feel it mostly on my left eye and I’m concerned that it might have something to do with my Glaucoma. Yep. At 24 yrs old I have Glaucoma. I was diagnosed with it when I was around 15 yrs old. Everytime I tell someone this they always respond with a “OMG YOU’RE TOOO YOUNG TO HAVE GLAUCOMA!!” but I don’t believe in being “too young” when it comes to health problems. Diseases attack anyone at any age unfortunately. Another thing I’ve noticed is that people are almost always surprise I’m not blind LOL. I was lucky enough to catch my glaucoma in time before any damages occurred. For years now, I been taking eyedrops to control my eye pressure and so far no complications came up. But lately I’m wondering if this ongoing headache is related to my Glaucoma or if its just a “simple” headache that will eventually go away. I was curious so I did a Lenormand reading on it using the “No Lay Out” method and the Oracle of the Shapeshifters deck.

Question: What do I need to know about this headache?

Keycards: I will be using the Woman to represent me and whats going on around me.

Fox + Book + Woman + Ship + Fish

Oracle card: A Beautiful Little Worm

Fox + Book shows me trying to get to the bottom of whats causing my headache. The book symbolizes researching and “not knowing” something while the fox reinforces me investigating. So far thats true! I was surfing the net on all possible causes that can trigger migraines and headaches. I can also see the fox/book symbolizing overworking. Especially when it comes to my college studies (book). Both the Ship and Fish connects with water so now this reading has me wondering; am I dehydrated? it was the first thing that popped in my head when I saw the ship/fish. I may not be drinking enough water than I originally thought. Ship also means moving away, letting go and Fish talks about being freelance. So far, this makes me think that a change from my usual college study routine would do me some good right about now LOL. I feel the ship/fish combo is encouraging me to explore hobbies and activities I enjoy and getting away from working too hard. The oracle card A Beautiful Little Worm reads “Take care of yourself” this card is about slowing down and restoration. Such a pretty card! Its one of my favorites from this deck.

So overall, it seems I been working and studying too hard and need to escape from this routine for now and focus on hobbies and activities I enjoy so that way I can come back to my work energized. Theres also a possibility that I’m slightly dehydrated and need to drink more water. Hopefully this cracks the mystery of my headache LOL. Will update soon!



Weekly Forecast For Oct 20 – Oct 26, 2013




Hey everyone! Originally, I was planning on posting my daily readings on my blog but then I remember doing this a while back on a journal and could barely keep up.  The main reason being that on most days, my life really isn’t that interesting! LOL! so I’ve decided on posting a weekly forecast using my Lenormand cards and one card from an oracle deck for everyone reading this blog. I never really done anything like this before. As I said, I’ve done this only on myself but my life isn’t all that exciting ha! It would be interesting to see how one reading can effect a number of people. Feel free to comment if anything resonates. I consider this a learning experience for me. 🙂

I asked the cards ” What does everyone reading this blog need to know for the week of Oct 20 -Oct 26?”

– Tower + Mountain + House + Clover + Tree

– Quetzalcoatl and The Priestess of Time

When I saw the House card smacked in the middle I instantly thought about family. I usually read the middle card as the “theme” or “highlight” of the week and it seems many people will be dealing  with their loved ones.  The Tower + Mountain combo coming up in the past/present makes me think that there has been a lack of communication, distance and some of you might have been guarded around   the people you live with or relatives. Perhaps many of you had arguments with a family member or roommate and now you’re not speaking to each other or hold a grudge against them. The good news is that this week an  opportunity (clover) to restore the relationship back to the way it was is very likely. The tree talks about recovery, being open minded and having a good balance overall so if anyone is having any family issues lately, this week will be a great time to talk things out because healing is very possible!  Just in time for the holidays! 🙂

This week’s oracle message comes from the Oracle of the Shapshifters “Quetzalcoatl and The Priestess Of Time” and it reads ” The time has come. The time to act is now”  This card is about avoiding procrastination and being receptive to change.  I also feel the message is to let go of stubbornness.  Since this week’s theme is about problems within the family, the advice from this oracle card is to take charge and be the first person to open the doors to communication. Dont wait for the other person to do it! Believe me, it sucks! God knows how many times I waited for the other person to “forgive” or speak up and the wait just made me feel worse. The faster you get things out in the open, the faster the relationship will heal. 🙂

I hope my rambling made sense LOL! Have a great week guys!

Note: You can click on the image to enlarge it.

Deck Of The Month – Oracle Of The Shapeshifters

So last night I started thinking about all the oracle decks I have (excluding the lenormand) most of them being Doreen Virtue decks and realized that I dont have a deep connection with any of them! I noticed that everytime I buy a new oracle deck, I only use it for about 2 weeks and never use it again because I have soo many that I become spoiled with choices! (Oddly enough, I only have ONE Lenormand deck.) So I was thinking of giving each and every one of them the attention they deserve for a month. I plan on using the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters by Lucy Cavendish together with my Lenormand readings for the rest of October and November exclusively.  I got the shapeshifters deck few months ago and I gotta be honest; I never used it. Not once. I’m not sure why either. Its such a beautiful deck LOL! So it will be interesting to see how it complements the lenormand readings I’ll do for myself and others.Image

First blog

Hey guys!

My first blog post. wow. Well to start, I’m not much of a writer. My grammar, punctuation, spelling etc etc all have a mind of their own really. I feel that once I start editing and overnanaylzing what I write on this blog, my writing “tone” will come across as robotic and uhhh I don’t want that! LOL! So just getting this off my chest in case someone decides to call the grammer police or something. I’m hoping that even though my writing isn’t perfect, that everyone will understand me just fine. 🙂 So let me introduce myself:

My name is Nina (well its my nickname actually. first name sucks so bad that I just cant reveal it here! LOL) and I’m an intuitive oracle and tarot reader with a soft spot for Lenormand readings which will be the main focus of this blog. I think. Not sure yet. Maybe I’ll decide to give all of my decks their 15 mins of fame. I been reading since 2009 mostly for family and friends and just started branching out t strangers which has been quite a learning experience for me. 😀 Anyway I’m currently a college student majoring in Educational studies, I have a crazy spoiled dog named Charlie whom I see as my son (pet owners know what I’m talking about!). I also LOVE LOVE LOVE to collect Magazines. I know its weird! I don’t know anyone who does this! I have a closet full of them dating back the 90’s. My mom has been bugging me to get rid of it for years now ha! I’m also a semi fitness freak. Love exercising and eating healthy and taking my dog Charlie in nature walks.

So I guess thats it for now! 😛